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The earth is a Paradise, the only one we’ll ever know.
We will realize it the moment we open our eyes.
We don’t have to make it a Paradise-it is one.
We have only to make ourselves fit to inhabit it.
Henry Miller

An envirogroup brand

We must take change by the hand or rest assuredly,
change will take us by the throat
Winston Churchill

An envirogroup brand

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil,
but by those who watch them without doing anything.
Albert Einstein


Time to creat



In order to assist planners in their transition towards a circular economy, Envirogroup launched the Envirocity that offers an integrated package the following services:

  • Identification of technology and practical, low carbon design solutions
  • Personlized proposals adapted to local context
  • Feasibility study, carbon tool, impact on air quality
  • Project engineering, installation and site supervision
  • Maintenance and evaluation, monitoring indicators

This brand aims to:

  • Enhancing coherence between both sustainable companies and territories in their environmental transitions and project implementation at a regional, city or neighborhood scale of sites or eco-neighborhoods
  • Assisting private and public developers in identifying and implementing solutions for their own industrial sites, scientific bases and other remote sites or off-grid to improve their autonomy and independence while respecting the environment;
  • Advise responsible companies in their sustainable development strategies

on envirocity expertise



A change in supply engineering




Essential initial stages in defining environmental impact reduction strategies, develop a diagnosis and a low carbon integrated cross action plan. All areas are affected: Mobility and transport, building energy efficiency, solid and liquid waste management, renewable energy production, biodiversity and carbon sinks, agriculture

Our services:

  • Feasibility study (carbon dedicated infrastructure tools and companies and climate-energy plan dedicated to eco-neighborhoods)
  • Identification of innovative technologies and solutions and practical planning solutions
  • Made to measure propositions adapted to the local context
  • Impact on air quality
  • Carbon accounting

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With our large network of innovative very small, small and medium-sized businesses for which we act as a link with the main funders (UNESCO, ADEME, AFD), we evaluate the potential of your project under the specter of a range of solutions to identify and propose those most suited to your needs and the context of the project.

identification des eco solutions

Renewable energy (solar, photovoltaic solar, hybrid): Autonomous turnkey solutions or grid connected Examples of applications:

  • Public solar lighting, solar water heaters, etc.
  • Design and Installation in urban or isolated sites

Water: Decentralized water treatment Projects examples:

  • Wastewater treatment by bamboo
  • Water recycling for agriculture or domestic use
  • Drinkable water production by air condensation

Waste: Decentralized collection and treatment of waste Examples of applications :

  • Smart solar collector
  • Compact underground containers
  • Local composting unit
  • Electronic waste recycling engineering, batteries (export)

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Envirocity® offers design-build turnkey solution, and guarantees the involvement and coordination of technical experts from each of the eco-companies that have signed the charter of quality and commitment of Envirocity®

Our services:

  • Providing the associated eco-technologies and equipment,
  • Project coordination and interface with technical experts,
  • The assistance and supervision of civil works,
  • Training in the operation and maintenance of technologies,
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of systems,
  • Project monitoring indicators.

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Offers of Envirocity® are for both public and private developers, of all sizes around the world.

Private actors

  • Businesses, SOHO-SME
  • Industrial
  • Scientific bases
  • Resorts hotel
  • Mines
  • Developers and private investors
  • Telecommunications operators
  • NGO

Public actors

  • Developers and public investors
  • State services in region
  • Scientific bases
  • Local communities: urban communities and urban, rural communities, towns, general and regional councils ...
  • International donors and national funds
  • Scientific institutes



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